But a minute later, he loosened his fist again.
Because he means nothing but being angry with himself.
Arms can’t twist thighs …
For the first time in a season, Melo regretted moving to such a team …
"You did a good job, guys. We were one goal ahead of them at half time, but that’s not enough. We have to lead them more! We must completely destroy their morale and confidence! Juventus fans say yes, this game is indeed a very symbolic game. We want this game to tell everyone that all those who are watching our throne-go to hell! Now is the time of our rule! Either take the initiative to surrender to us or tremble at our swords! "
In the dressing room, Changsheng is cheering on the players.
It’s a subtle score to lead by a goal at half time. If you don’t pay attention at the beginning of half time, you may lose the goal.
What’s the point of losing the one-goal lead in that case?
The constant victory is to make every player pay attention to every minute of this game.
You know, it’s not as good as the championship
He was also taken aback when Changsheng found that Melo had just been replaced at half-time.
He knew Melo was not doing well, but he didn’t expect Melo to be on the scene so soon.
It’s only been half a game …
Everyone knows that Melo’s poor performance caused Juventus to fall behind.
If Juventus finally lose, Melo, the chief culprit, will not be able to run away.
However, Changsheng won’t go easy on Melo just because he doesn’t want him to bear the blame.
This game is sure to win, and we must severely attack the arrogance of Juventus fans!
What age are you still imagining that you are the boss of Italy?
Juventus didn’t attack smoothly at half-time because of Melo’s game.
Del Piero had to sacrifice his score and return to midfield to try to organize.
But in fact, he has always been a shadow striker, not a front waist organization attack is not his specialty …
Juventus rely on their own battles more often.
It’s all good to say that the most deadly thing comes from their defense.
After selling unreliable chiellini to Lazio, they found that they couldn’t find a suitable central defender!
Andrade, a Portuguese centre-back, was injured after only four games and reimbursed for the whole season!
Grygera’s performance is also unstable
But instability will also depend on the root, and there will be no central defender (Wen * Man-Man-House-W-γ-S-H-U)
Now Juventus’ starting centre-backs are grygera and Legrottaglie.
This is juventus’ shortcoming, and both of them performed very well.
Lazio kept pounding the two men until they knew they couldn’t resist the position.
It’s a bit like when the French team repeatedly attacked Cannavaro’s right defense line in the final of the European Cup in 2 years, and finally it was rock solid at the end of the game. Cannavaro couldn’t resist crashing to the ground and then … Italy narrowly lost to France.
Now winning Lazio is doing something similar to what it did at the beginning.
However, they took turns attacking two central defenders, mainly looking for grygera.
Fa Erkao hasn’t scored a goal in this game until now, but his activity in the restricted area has put a lot of pressure on the two central defenders.
They don’t care about other Lazio players.
Lazio scored another goal in the 63rd minute!
This is fatal!
The goal scorer is Zema again!
"Karim Zema! ! !” The commentator shouted, "this is his tenth league goal of the season!" He scored twice in this game! This goal fully reflect his speed! A beautiful counterattack! Lazio went straight to Fa Erkao Fa Erkao from the backcourt and gave the football ferry to Zemazer Kyle to give full play to his speed advantage … and then the football went in … Buffon faced Zemazer for the second time! But don’t blame him for this goal because Juventus’ defense line has been completely penetrated! "
Excited, Zema took off his jersey to celebrate. He got a yellow card, but in a good mood, he didn’t care about it with the referee.
Changsheng waved his fist at the scene.
The game is a sure victory!
At this time, he heard a loud hiss from the stands.
He knew the boo was aimed at him and Lazio.
This is the dog barking in despair.
Juventus fans can express their dissatisfaction in this way.
Unfortunately …
Changsheng shrugged and turned to provoke Juventus fans.
He put his forefinger to his lips and made a gesture to Juventus fans to shut up.
Of course, Juventus fans can’t really shut up. They hiss even more, and there are some abuses in it.
They booed and completely drowned out the cheers of Lazio "incorrigible" fans.
Changsheng continued to provoke them, and it seemed that he didn’t think it was loud enough.
As he wished, this hush was another layer.
Changsheng simply put his hands over himself this time and then give ear to listen.
Juventus fans wanted to hiss even louder, but the force made them hoarse.
It’s obvious that the Alpine Stadium has dropped a notch, and even Lazio fans can hear cheering …

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