However, it was discovered before Mickey Peak was different, and now I feel that Mickey Peak is simply listening to my parents and being a good baby. Such a man’s wife will certainly be miserable in the future.
Because I dare not annoy my in-laws, of course, I can’t annoy her sister-in-law, otherwise it will definitely be more than one bargained for, because my husband will definitely not help her.
Sometimes Mi Lu still feels sad for her future sister-in-law
"Do you care too much?" Meng Xin wondered about Mickey’s age. Isn’t it normal to have a girlfriend now?
"What do you know? By the way, let me ask you something. What do you say if a person is drunk and very confused? " Mi Lu ate almost, and she put chopsticks seriously.
"Drunk is a man?" Meng Xin is still eating soup. She looks up and asks Mi Lu a dirty look, which means that she is not talking nonsense. Meng Xin also secretly laughs. "What can I say that this man likes that woman?"
"Bah, his name is his sister’s name." Mi Lu spat Meng Xin.
"That … brother like sister is not very normal? Which elder brother doesn’t like his sister? " Meng Xin argued that she was right.
Besides, it’s not like all those people will call their beloved women’s names when they are drunk. He can also ask mom and dad to call some people who he thinks are very important in life.
This is where the medical theory lies. Meng Xin seems that those who call a woman’s name as soon as they are drunk may not necessarily have a crush on this woman as people think. Once they are drunk, many people are really conscious, but everyone reacts differently when they are drunk.
So this situation really can’t say anything.
Meng Xin naturally can’t explain medicine to Mi Lu, but Mi Lu won’t understand it anyway.
Section 56
"Really?" Mi Lu asked and then lost in thought Meng Xin didn’t know what she was struggling with.
Meng Xin yawned several times in a row. She was really sleepy and full. "I’m finished eating. Let’s go. I want to go back and take a nap."
"Did you steal chickens late?" Mi Lu asked someone to pay the bill and satirized Meng Xin.
This is the time when they loved to tease each other and play jokes when they were young. At that time, anyone who wanted to sleep in class would be forced by the other party to ask if he went to be a thief or stole chickens or ducks last night.
"…" Meng Xin don’t talk and yawned several times.
She is sleepy because of pregnancy, but she is not going to explain it to Mi Lu.
-dividing line-
On Friday, Meng Xin bought some fruits and nutrition to go home. Qi Xinglin will go to the hot springs this week and left home after four o’clock in the afternoon. Meng Haidong works the night shift. Meng Xin is alone at home and doesn’t need to explain to anyone.
Meng Xin went to Shirley’s house when Yue also drove to Shirley’s house at this time.
The two women met at the door of Li’s house. This is the first time Yue visited her at Li’s house. Later, she felt that her past thoughts were wrong. Liking someone may not be able to show it to that person. She should show her face in front of Li Ziyu’s family more often, so that her family can put in a good word for her.
Meng Xin has been to Zian Mountain for several times, and when she appeared, the doorman let her in without saying much.
On the contrary, Yue was the first time to come here, and after going through many hardships, she gave Grandma Li a message about her identity and purpose, and then let Yu Qing give a message to the doorman before she was let in.
So everyone can meet at the door only by walking a car.
The housekeeper heard the doorbell knocking and saw Meng Xin’s surprise and cried, "Miss Meng has come. The old lady has been waiting for you for a long time."
Yue hasn’t been to Li’s house since she grew up. The housekeeper doesn’t know this young lady very well, and she doesn’t know how to say hello when she sees Yue. "Who is this?"
At first, the housekeeper was a friend of Meng Xin, but it didn’t look like it. If it was a friend, how could one be in the car and the other be in the car?
"Uncle Butler, I am Yue Jiacheng’s granddaughter. When I was a child, I often came home to play." Although Yue walked in the car, she didn’t show sweetness, but she smiled at the old housekeeper.
"Oh, it turned out to be a young lady." Although the housekeeper was not familiar with Yue, she didn’t remember what she said when she was a child. At that time, there were many little girls who came to Li’s house to play. He was familiar with Jia Cheng, but that was their master’s friend.
He used to see this man named Jiacheng when he gave him an old car. Now, occasionally, the two masters meet and go fishing together.
"Come in, everyone," said the housekeeper hurriedly.
"Good" Yue took the car again and drove it in.
Meng Xin waited for Yue’s car to go in, and then went in to chat with the housekeeper while entering the house. She really didn’t expect to meet Yue here.
But her intuition is not so good. It’s not that she targeted this woman because of what Mi Lu said before, but that the way the woman just looked at her made her feel a little hostile and didn’t know what would happen.
Meng Xin after entering the room and complete the old lady saw her hurriedly call her to sit beside her. Li Jinze and Li Xuan are at home for the weekend. Whether they have been working or studying Li Xuan, they all need to go home.
"Meng Xinjie" Li Jinze nodded at her and focused on her mobile phone again. Li Xuan called her to gather together to her side.
"Go for a walk, don’t haunt you like a mangy dog, Meng Xinjie." Grandma Li didn’t like it, waving her hand and driving her baby granddaughter like a fly.
Meng Xin is her old man’s baby granddaughter when she is not here, but it may not be true if Meng Xin is here.
"Grandma is eccentric as hell, Meng Xinjie. You see, after you really marry my eldest brother, I have no position in this family at all." Lixuan cried.
Meng Xin was made a big blush by Li Xuan’s words. Grandma Li likes to hear such words. She hates not letting Meng Xin marry her boss now, so that she can always let Meng Xin come home to accompany her.
Yu Qing and Li Jiaqi always knew that the old lady had such an idea and listened to it. There was no population to help Meng Xin clarify anything. Anyway, they also felt that their boss seemed to get along with Meng Xin differently.
If that’s the case, they are also happy to see it. Meng Xin’s family may not be rich, but they are not short of money, and the boss has a lot to earn money, so they all accept it if the family background is clean

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