"Hey, it’s really not a list of rich people who look down on us classmates."
Before Joe could speak again, someone suddenly said, "Sun Rongxuan is here and outside."
Liu Jinnuo turned to look at a dirty word and scolded it directly. "She’s thicker than the wall. How dare you come?"
Deng Xiaozhi asked doubtfully, "What happened to Arnold?"
Liu Jinnuo glanced at Ji Xiaohai’s head and then said in a low voice, "Sun Rongxuan had sex with Ji Xiaohai and they were married. Now they are inseparable from the court."
"What?" Deng Xiaozhi was so surprised that Batu almost fell off. She looked at Sun Rongxuan coming in and looked at Qiao Xinwei. Life is far more wonderful than novels.
Qiao Xinwei also followed everyone’s eyes. It was indeed Sun Rongxuan. It’s been half a year since I last saw her. At this moment, she is sallow and emaciated, and her face is still very dim. She looks ten years older than her peers here.
Of course, the most embarrassing thing is Ji Xiaohai. He didn’t expect Sun Rongxuan to come.
"Hello, everyone, I won’t be the latest. Is there a seat?" Sun Rongxuan looked at this table for men and women, and she consciously came to the girl’s table
Liu Jinnuo took the bag and occupied the seat next to her. "Little finger, there is no place here. Why don’t you sit over there by the boy? There is a place next to Ji Xiaohai."
At this time, the boys booed again. "You shouldn’t sit like this. You should sit with men and women interspersed."
"Monitor, after so many years, you finally show your true colors as a gentle scum. Let Sun Rongxuan sit at your table. She can even rob her roommate’s fiance."
Qiao Xinwei pulled Liu Jinnuo’s sleeve at the bottom of the table. "What are you talking about? Shut up."
Liu Jinnuo doesn’t care if she just wants to see the drama. She just wants everyone to know the true colors of Ji Xiaohai, heart breaker and Sun Rongxuan. She doesn’t care if Qiao Xinwei stops and says, "Sun Rongxuan sat next to Ji Xiaohai. Didn’t you sleep in the same bed? What are you sitting with?"
As soon as this word came out, there was a loud noise in the lobby outside.
"It seems that no one knows. Sun Rongxuan, why don’t you tell us how you tried to seduce her fiance’s bed by working overtime? Oh, no, I carefully recalled that you slept together before graduation, didn’t you, Ji Xiaohai?"
Chapter sixty-one Class reunion (2)
Chapter sixty-one Class reunion (2)
Ji Xiaohai’s face at the next table turned red, and gradually there was a whisper. He felt like an albino, and he had to accept other people’s surprise and pointing fingers.
Sun Xuan hasn’t been in touch for a while. She has repeatedly visited the Civil Affairs Bureau for divorce three times. At the end of each time, she went back on her word, and his patience was completely worn out. Whether she agreed or not, let the court decide everything.
If you want to get divorced, you can’t get divorced.
Sun Xuan had to be very calm in the face of the students’ surprised eyes. "Well, I’ll sit next to Xiaohai. So far, we are still husband and wife in law."
Section 69
This made the students present cry, but after all, it was somebody else’s business, and everyone had not seen each other for a long time, and they didn’t say anything on the surface.
Joe took a blank look at Liu Jinnuo, but she became a poor person in the eyes of everyone
Liu Jinnuo gave her a wink and said, "Watch and see how I can make this tone for you."
"Don’t mess around. I don’t need these. Besides, Ji Xiaohai is pretty miserable now."
Deng Xiaozhi also leaned in. "We teach Sun Xuan Ji Xiaohai, and we don’t care if the four of us share the same dormitory and she has the face to get rid of this kind of thing. If we don’t help you get out, who will?"
Deng Xiaozhi is a standard northeast girl, straightforward, provocative and cute.
I don’t know what would have stopped it in normal times. After all, it’s very rare for so many classmates Qiao Xinwei to reintegrate into everyone. I really don’t want to be unable to attend the class reunion afterwards. Sometimes she just cares too much about other people’s comments and opinions to tell her parents. Fortunately, Liu Jinnuo took her today, otherwise she may say goodbye to the class reunion forever.
But today, Qiao Xin-wei is really cruel. Did she stop Liu Jinnuo and Deng Xiaozhi from seeing their eyes?
Deng Xiaozhi said, "She must pay all her debts tonight."
Liu Jinnuo nodded his head.
Many chat programs used to be shared by some students at two big tables, including their experiences in the capital this year, hardships, happiness, laughter and tears after marriage.
It seems that everyone has grown a lot this year.
It’s Ji Xiaohai’s turn. To everyone’s surprise, he actually talked about the emotional problems in public. He didn’t have many rhetorical sounds, and his mood was calm and flat. The whole process was quite low-key. "I graduated for a year, and now I’m getting divorced. I think that when a person reaches a low point, it means that I concentrate on my career." He finished his eyes and glanced at Qiao Xinwei. "And I hope that the person who was hurt by me can be happy."
Ji Xiaohai said that after everyone was silent for three seconds, everyone applauded together.
Deng Xiaozhi said in a low voice, "It’s because he was so small and frank that he stopped at the brink and asked him not to see Sun Xuan yet. I beat him to open his eyes." Deng Xiaozhi didn’t know this until she was so angry and too distressed by Joe’s heart.
It’s Liu Jinnuo’s turn. She straightened her posture in Form One. "Hello everyone, my name is Liu Jinnuo. Yes, I have broken up with Big Cat for a while. Now I’m still single. Students can sign up to pursue me." Everyone laughed. "Besides, if you’re not single, you can help your single friends sign up for me. I’m here to say that the applicants are three high, rich and handsome."
As soon as the atmosphere was pushed to gaohao and Liu Jinnuo, it was active in the class. Now it is even more "good, good, we warmly welcome our cultural and entertainment Committee member Sun Xuan"
Sun Xuan shook his head and said, "No, no"
"Oh, why not? This is our first reunion. Since you’re here, share it with everyone. Let’s change the form and I’ll ask you how to punish you for answering correctly or wrongly."
Everyone clapped their hands and encouraged Sun Jue to go. Everyone knows that this kind of person who digs a close friend corner is the most hateful.
Sun Xuan can’t refuse to walk slowly into the middle. "What punishment? I can’t drink."
"Don’t let you drink and drink coke. It’s all a matter of life. Even if you can’t answer it or get it wrong, let’s punish it a little."
Sun Xuan nodded his head.
Liu Jinnuo asked "What’s your name?"
Sun Xuan paused and said "Sun Xuan"
"Are you married?"

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