One failure, two failures …
Log cabin …
Looking at the constant failure and trying to figure out the dream, Ten Niangs asked uncertainly, "Is Qingya really good?"
Elegant ice shook his head slightly. "I don’t know, but I don’t know what. I always think he can." Looking at the thin and stubborn figure, elegant ice eyes gave off a strange light.
Dream ten niang sigh a "I hope so …"
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Chapter one hundred and seventy Violent gold qi
"Ha ha, others can hold on for an hour at most, that is, they give up. This little guy is very tough." Dream Niangs glanced at the still persistent figure through the wooden window and said with a smile.
It’s been three hours since Mu Yun tried to turn the stone into gold, but Mu Yun still doesn’t feel upset, as if the world is gone except him and the table stones …
Listen to the dream ten niang ice elegant is also gently smiled and slowly got up and looked at the slightly thin figure light way "ten niang you don’t know how hard I woo him"
"If he can really do it, it will be worthwhile to work hard," said Shi Niang Youyou.
But listen to the ice elegant light with a sigh, "but I broke him. The ban in Suzaku for hundreds of years is really a shame to our ancestors."
Ten Niang eyebrows slightly wrinkled reprimand angrily to a "confused" listen to her bad complexion said "what ban is far-fetched, what’s wrong with men are ungrateful? I think it’s small but pleasing to the eye is very elegant. Don’t worry, if his body really has gold and true spirit, I will tie him and my Suzaku country firmly together even if it is shattered. "
After listening to the words of Ten Niangs, the elegant ice turned out to be a quiver in my heart and the tip of my nose was sour. "Ten Niangs …"
Ten Niang is with the wave stroking the ice elegant hair seriously and said, "Elegant has suffered for you over the years. Ten Niangs know that you are worried. Don’t be afraid. Ten Niangs are still hale and hearty. You should stay for a few more years, silly boy. Don’t cry."
When it comes to this elegant ice, it turns out that I can no longer hold back and jump into the arms of Ten Niangs. I just burst into tears as if to vent all the depression buried in my heart over the years.
At that time, the atmosphere in this room was a little sad.
For a long time, the elegant sobs of ice gradually became smaller. Ten Niang wiped away the tears on her face. They smiled at each other, somewhat like a mother and daughter.
At the moment, the elegant ice is a strong woman again, with a solemn face and a bit of coercion …
"Ten Niangs have been here for so long, can’t he really do it?" Ice elegant looked out at their brow some sad color.
"Alas," Ten Niangs sighed lightly, but the wide ice and elegant heart smiled and said, "How long will it take to be elegant? Even if his body has gold, it will need to adapt to a period of time. It is not so easy to turn gold into gold."
Ice elegant nodded slightly, but the face of a wisp of sorrow is not dispersed for a long time …
Mu Yun eyes closed forehead is seeping a few drops of sweat body still trying to …
In fact, Mu Yun didn’t reap anything in these three hours. According to the bell, Muyun body can give birth to a faint golden qi, but it is the problem.
It is not difficult for Mu Yun to be a Dan teacher and want to transform two Qi, but Jin Qi is not as easy to transform pure Yang Qi into five elements Qi as wood fire Qi. It is also difficult to distinguish between them. As we all know, there are very few people who are pregnant with water Qi, and the reason is that the refining of water Qi is extremely complicated. It is often difficult to promote a kind of water martial arts, and the Qi has to transition to many meridians.
If the order is high in Wushu, the true qi of the water will run for more than a few weeks.
Although this gold qi is not as difficult as water qi to refine and operate, the difficulty is only limited to soil and water, which is not as easy as imagined for Mu Yun who just came into contact with it.
Since the body can give birth to the golden qi, if you want to turn the stone into gold, you need to release the golden qi out of the body like fire or wood qi. Because some habits in Mu Yun become natural, every time you transform the golden qi, you can transform the fire qi together.
You should know the consequences of different qi converging in the body, but the serious ones will damage the meridians, and the serious ones will die suddenly. Mu Yun knew this when he transformed the wood qi.
So whenever Mu Yun feels that his body is inexplicably angry, he immediately stops and then meditates to do so again.
To sum up, it is very difficult to transform the true qi of gold, and it is even more difficult not to mix the true qi of fire …
"Shout" a heat wave gushed out and declared that Mu Yun had failed again …
Mu Yun frowned with a sigh and felt a little agitated in my heart.
"Wood, this matter is urgent. You must be calm and rest if you feel upset. You will consume the true qi in vain. Here, your pure yang true qi is very precious." Bells looked at Mu Yun impatiently, but there was nothing they could do. After all, it was said that it was up to Mu Yun himself.
Mu Yun naturally know bells said right wiped his forehead sweat and bowed their heads and meditated.
Wooden door from the inside out two people naturally suzaku queen ice elegant dream ten niang before the two men see Mu Yun is trying to concentrate on also dare not disturb at this time to see Mu Yun stopped two people out the door.
"What’s going on? Have you made any progress?" Ice elegant asked with a smile eyes flashed a look forward to color.
See Mu Yun shook his head when you are sad, ice elegant eyes a dark and then said softly, "No, since we can’t, let’s go home."
But Mu Yun is hesitant. "The Queen’s position …"
"hmm? Also call me the queen said today whether this ceremony "ice elegant detailed anger laughing way.
The ice is elegant and rare. The appearance of a little woman is also Mu Yun’s smile. "Elegant, I have some feelings, but the last one seems to be a little poor. Can I stay here for a few days and I want to try more?"
See Mu Yun so elegant ice naturally happy nodded and answered, "well, then you can stay here for a few days and don’t force yourself."
"Well" Mu Yun gently nodded his head.
Aside from the dream, Ten Niangs heard Mu Yun say that her eyes were also appreciative and secretly nodded. Regardless of whether this young man can succeed, this strength alone is far beyond ordinary people.
Say ice elegant metasomatism a few words from the back to the palace dream ten niang naturally send her out …
"Hang it all, I’m pregnant with pure Yang Gong, so I can’t believe it. You’re such a little gold spirit." Mu Yun thought more and more about punching him on the stage. "You’re so angry that you can’t get along with Xiao Ye, are you a good little ye?"
Mu Yun thundered, "I will transform the pure yang qi into the golden qi to see how you make trouble for me." Say it is to suddenly turn on the pure yang qi in the whole body and transform it according to the golden qi transformation method …
You know, at the moment, there is no pure yang qi in Suzaku’s national qi except the fire qi root, which can be absorbed by Mu Yun, that is to say, Dan Muyungen can’t restore the qi except the back qi …

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