"Then period? So that’s it. This is still plausible. "Master smoothed his beard and nodded and said," By the way, where is the mysterious old man in Mu Yun? He is your savior. Grandpa wants to thank him personally. "
"Grandpa, the old man is a strange man from Shan Ye who can come and go like the wind. If he didn’t appear in person, I’m afraid no one would find him."
"Well, since it’s a strange man, it’s certainly different from ordinary people. I can’t believe that this man, Yuan Mainland, is so superior that I am short-sighted." The master sighed.
"I missed such a good opportunity. Did the strange man say when he would come again?" Master never give up asked.
"Grandpa, the old man once said that it is fate to meet me and cure my illness. It is also fate. No one can say for sure that since my illness has healed, it is said that my fate with him is over."
"Ah, just as the old man said, everything is fate. He and I must have met by fate. It’s a pity." The master said with disappointment.
"Grandpa, that’s how the whole thing happened. I’ve been practicing every day since then. It’s always been like this."
"Well, Grandpa believes in your words and believes that you can fly high one day, but it’s a pity that Europe can’t be seen." The word "Europe" seems to age a lot.
Mu Yun is also a sad.
"Mu Yun, do you hate grandpa for your parents?" Master got up and looked out of the window with his hands behind his back as if remembering something.
This is the first time since Mu Yun remembered that his master remembered Mu Yun’s parents in front of Mu Yun.
"I … I don’t know." Mu Yun remembered that two lines of tears had already flowed from his parents.
"Ah, you must hate me in your heart, even I hate myself. I hate being stubborn and confused. Europe is in poor health, but … when I wake up, it’s too late. Your mother held my hand and told me that you must take good care of you, even if her husband and wife are not, but you are koo …" Master career never said no more.
The master calmed down a little and continued, "Since then, I have been thinking of various ways to treat you every day, hoping that you can do something to compensate your parents. But ten years have passed in a flash, and your illness has not improved at all. I feel more sorry for your parents. You don’t even have the courage to visit you in this cabin alone until today. I am so excited to see that you have recovered from your illness and that you can beat your opponent in the martial arts arena like others. I owe you to your parents now. Can you forgive grandpa?" The master looked back at Mu Yun, and there was no impression of Mu Yun that the commanding generation of housekeepers was an old man who longed for Sun to forgive loneliness.
"Grandpa" Mu Yun threw himself into his master’s arms and burst into tears as if he were going to cry all the tears that had been suppressed in his heart for ten years. At this moment, Mu Yuncai felt the warmth of family.
"Good boy, don’t cry, don’t cry," said the master, stroking Mu Yun’s head, but his tears flowed unconsciously.
This moment theory is a warm moment for master baili and Mu Yun-the warmth of family.
I don’t know how long it took Mu Yun to stop crying …
"Don’t blame your uncle for the clan meeting in Mu Yun today," the master said earnestly. "He is now a householder, and everything should be done from the whole family and individuals should be behind."
"I know grandpa, I don’t blame uncle. I really don’t blame him at all. I know uncle hurts me. There are some things that he can’t help now." Mu Yun nodded and said.
"You’re right. Now he’s just sitting on the throne, and his foundation is unstable. Every word he says and everything he does, the elders are staring at that place. It’s really nai for him to stand by today, but even if you lose, grandpa will come out and ask you not to leave. No one can drive you out of this house."
Mu Yun nose a acid almost cried and nodded heavily.
Listen to the master and say, "Just try your best in the game. After all, there are several people who are stronger than you. Remember to protect yourself. You still have a long way to go in the future."
"Well know grandpa" Mu Yun clever nod should way.
"By the way, if you like, move to the hospital and live with everyone."
"Well, I can’t get used to going to the hospital quietly these years, but I’m afraid I’m not used to it."
"Oh, this is as you like. Grandpa will come to see you often. It’s too late today. You have a rest. There is a game on Sunday." The master got up and wanted to leave
"Well, Grandpa, take care and I’ll see you off."
Seeing grandpa off, Mu Yun returned to his room and felt warm in his heart.
"Grandparents surprise you just now, you wait and see," murmured Mu Yun, looking up at the month.
Chapter 20 Finals
The next day, the spring breeze and the warm morning light continued
At the back of the hill, a young boy is sitting on a boulder with his eyes closed and his hands flat on his knees, faintly emitting a trace of purity, which fluctuates slowly and strongly.
"Shout" for a long time, the boy slowly spit out one mouthful polluted air and opened his eyes.
"The progress is still so slow. It seems that there is sun be the spirit in the morning and it can be faster. I don’t know when to break through." The young man murmured with a frown.
Although today is an important day for Mu Yun, this teenager is Mu Yun. Somehow, that kind of tension doesn’t seem to appear. Instead, it is a kind of dull water. Since practicing pure yang, Mu Yun has not only enhanced his physical senses, but also his mood seems to be slowly changing and becoming more calm and mature. This is quite inconsistent with his real age and immature face.
"Bells that wench also don’t know what happened. A few days ago, she suddenly said that she would fall asleep for a while and be mysterious." I didn’t see Bells Mu Yun for a few days. I missed the thought of my girl’s naughty antics. Mu Yun couldn’t help shaking her head and said with a wry smile that it was strange that Mu Yun had crossed the true qi to nourish her body every day since the day she met Bells. To Mu Yun’s surprise, the pure yang disappeared like a mud cow into the sea. How could this petite body absorb so much true qi and Mu Yun could feel that Bells body didn’t’t? Those true qi seemed to disappear inexplicably
More think more nerve-racking, Mu Yun simply gave up the decision to wait for Bells to wake up and ask a white look. Today is the last day of the warfare, and it is also the grand finale of the clan meeting. Will the third generation of the Baili family have the strongest ten people to show a fierce duel status? Reputation Or just prove yourself?
Mu Yun went back to her room and changed a dress and went straight to the meeting.
"Look at Baili Mu Yun"
"It’s hard to imagine that he has recovered from his illness."
"Yes, if he hadn’t cut a dash yesterday, I would have forgotten that there was such a person in Baili’s family."
"I heard that he broke through to the middle of practicing in three months, and it seems that there is still room for him to play yesterday. This final is worth watching."
"Come on, even if he is a dark horse, don’t forget that getting into the top ten bases is all in the late stage of practicing, and Mu Tianhe and Mu Hong are all in the late peak. I’m afraid it’s not that easy for Mu Yun to spoil it."
"You don’t forget that guy Thyme Muwen also entered the finals. Yesterday Muwu was seriously injured by Mu Yun. I think Mu Yun should think about how to lead Muwen first."
The discussion around makes Mu Yun quite nai himself seem to have always been the focus, and the discussion follows wherever he goes.
But one thing did wake up, Mu Yun. That is, Bai Li Muwen’s brother was seriously injured by Mu Yun. He will surely avenge his brother today. Somehow, when Mu Yun first met the two brothers, he felt something was wrong. Fortunately, this Muwen always gave himself an uneasy feeling.
"Be careful first." Mu Yun bowed his head and thought.
Is thinking suddenly heard someone shouted behind.
"Mu Yun"
"third brother"
"third brother"

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