"ah! I haven’t been here for a long time or the same! " Jiang Feng long sigh at two younger brother waved "let’s go! Let’s go in! "
Kun has long been excited and rushed directly to the front.
Lan Fengrou enters Yuntian Shengdu with Jiang Feng behind him!
"live! Who are you people? ?” Kun was stopped by two guards before he entered Shengdu!
Yuntian Shengdu is a nine-day holy city, which is not accessible to ordinary people!
Jiang Feng came over at this time and said to the two guards, "We are Yan Xu’s disciples who were invited to attend the banquet in Shengdu."
"Invited to the party! ?” A guard looked at Jiang Feng and his party, then nodded and said, "I have heard of Yan Xuzong, but since I want to enter Shengdu, I have to pay 120 silver!"
It’s very unreasonable to get angry at the sound of "it costs money to enter the holy capital"
Jiang Feng waved and interrupted him. This is the rule of Yuntian Shengdu. Ordinary cities are not the same!
Whoever wants to enter Yuntiansheng must pay to enter the city!
"Here you are!"
Jiang Feng and his party paid three hundred and twenty silver in all.
The guard took the silver and nodded with satisfaction after carefully checking the mistake.
Once again, look at Jiang Feng and his party and relax. Many people took out three wooden tokens from their arms and gave them to them respectively.
"This is your identity token st remember not Hu Fei or you will be expelled forever! This token is a short-term token. If you show it for three months, you can come in and out at will. Be sure to keep it well! " A guard kindly woke up.
Jiang Feng nodded at the guard and said thank you for taking a line of people into Yuntian Shengdu.
Not the kui is a famous Yuntian Shengdu.
The bluestone bricks are paved and cut into the ground, and the magnificent atmosphere of the houses on both sides of the street stands out.
The streets are crowded with people, and it can be seen that one out of ten people is a mark fighter.
"Please wait for a few friends in front!" There was a sudden sound behind him.
A man dressed in a robe of Zongmen, with a delicate appearance and a weak breath, quickly came along.
"Sorry! Several people are also invited by the Lord of Yuntian Shengdu to attend the banquet! ?” Qiu Yunliang asked Jiang Feng and his party.
Jiang Feng eyed him with a suspicious look.
"oh! Oh! " Qiu Yunliang seems to react with a face of embarrassment and fuels. "But the chief Qiu Yunliang of Yunwu Sect! Just now, I heard in front of the city gate that some people seemed to be invited, so I couldn’t help but come and ask questions! "
"Clouds! ? Master, what clan is that? ?” Kun nao nao head toward Jiang Fengkou said
"It’s normal that you don’t know that our Yunwu Sect is a small Sect in the distance. I’m really flattered to be invited by the Lord of Yuntian Shengdu!"
He seems to have experienced this embarrassment before, but he also responded calmly at this time.
"Clouds! It’s a clan gate located in the north. Although it doesn’t belong to the first-class clan gate, it’s also full of strong martial arts skills. It’s true that it has his own reasons to stand invincible for thousands of years! "
"eh! ? You know we live in the clan! ?” Qiu Yunliang gave a surprise.
I’m very curious in my heart. It seems that no one has heard of such a small sect as him, and this man has casually said so much about them!
Clouds and clouds were known to Jiang Feng thousands of years ago.
As far as he knows, the purpose of this door is kind, devoted to cultivation and dedicated to seeking Tao!
Never taking the initiative to occupy the mountains is also a good martial arts practice with a thin aura, which is very unique to make them stand invincible for thousands of years.
"I once lived in ancient books and read a little!"
Jiang Feng casually found a vague reason.
"So it is!" Qiu Yunliang breathed a sigh of relief. What else did he touch? "I don’t know what sects several people came from …"
"We are a cover-up Sect!"
Jiang Feng not white each other stopped them what’s up?
Qiu Yunliang a listen to is yan xu zong immediately laugh word for word up earlier he was very worried about what will be a big door!
You know, those big brothers have always been reluctant to be a third-rate clan, which can be said to be disgusting!
"Real: no! This time, I came to Yuntian Shengdu alone, and everything here is very strange! I hope that you can attend the banquet together and take care of each other! "
Jiang Feng smiled. It turned out that he was playing this idea.
Jiang Feng immediately nodded and promised to blunt Qiu Yunliang and said, "I am the chief of Jiang Feng Yan Xu Zong! These two are my disciples, Lan Fengrou! "
Apprentice! ?

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