Xiao Yu is also a mind shock roar.
What is this strength? The strongest killing power of the heavenly sword was split out, and the sword was actually dissolved by him. It was too horrible to be calm.
Grandfather Tian Jian’s face changed dramatically, and he stepped back a few steps. Suddenly, he roared, and all the sword graves around him seemed to be resurrected. His hands were printed and filmed continuously.
"bury the gods!"
"Burial world!"
"Bury the fairy!"
"Kill me!"
In an instant, he killed everything with a few firm but gentle blows, and with the falling stars of the world, everything in heaven and earth melted, and everything was shattered with his firm but gentle blows.
It is the original three swordsmanship that shocked everyone. He actually realized a type of fairy burial!
A sword comes from the west, the sun, the moon and the east, and I hold a sword to kill the fairy!
A legal rhyme broke out directly, making people’s souls rustling and rustling, producing counting illusions. The corpses were all over the corpse mountain, the blood and rain, the fairy gods falling and the visions were all over.
This is killing.
Staring at the sky’s vision and smiling with a sword light, Tongtian said, "It’s good that after all these years, you’ve finally risen a little. It’s worth my hands to show you what real fencing is!"
Behind him, four terrible giant swords suddenly emerged, and several divine lights condensed out. Each bite was tens of thousands of feet in size, and it was completely dead, ups and downs, killing the sky, and there was a fairy ghost, a shadow and resentment.
It seems that these four giant swords have been resentful for Wyndell Dichinson for several years. As soon as they appeared, they shook people’s hearts. It seems that these four giant swords are the real emperors in the sword.
"Kill, kill, trap, and die."
Have an antique mind thriller panic way
Four swords move, the glow is bright, and I can’t see anything. The star field is broken everywhere, and the firm but gentle is vertical and horizontal, and the glow is bright. Everyone covers his eyes and blood flows.
Xiao Yu, without exception, closed his eyes and felt an unprecedented terror and murderous look, which stung his eyes and stung his body.
"How strong!"
He was shocked.
By the time everything is calm, the square is covered with a robe and four terrible swords have long since disappeared. His breath is ethereal, like the integration of the surrounding environment, and it seems that he is out of place when he is alone.
It’s so vague that people can’t see clearly.
On the contrary, the founder of the heavenly sword was shaking with blood, and several sword tombs around him all burst into pieces and disappeared. His lightsaber in his hand looked shocked and unbelievable. He looked at Tongtian and said, "You have been limited to that realm!"
"I will never die."
Tongtian said
After a moment’s silence, the founder of heavenly sword looked up and said, "I don’t care if you are the leader. I lost my heart, but my strength as a strategist is not a problem."
Tongtian suddenly laughed. "You can’t be a military adviser. If you are not strong enough, I will discharge them one by one."
Suddenly, black fog rolled around him, and a terrible and gloomy atmosphere broke out. A cold and burly young man suddenly emerged, with a purple hair and a take off your coat robe. The whole person was filled with a horrible atmosphere.
"It’s your ghost day!"
Heavenly sword granddaddy sword light shot in the eyes and said
"It’s him"
Xiao Yu is also a mind shock staring at the cold burly young mind surging.
This ghost day is the one he recited from the ghost emperor family, but didn’t the other party go far away to Jiuyou? Did you break the seal?
At the same time, another idea appeared in Xiao Yu’s heart
At the beginning, when he saw that the nether world was using the swallowing heaven solution to fight the king of God, he suspected that the swallowing heaven solution and the innate sacred sacrifice Xuangong were inextricably linked. Now it seems that they really have it.
But suddenly Xiao Yu and look at the ghost emperor family there.
In that direction, there is also a "ghost day" who was punched twice by Dacheng Diba, but he has not completely recovered.
Xiao Yu suddenly ponder in my heart. I’m afraid the fake will be lost after the real ghost day appears.
After seeing the appearance of the nether world, he smiled coldly and said, "The position of the Heavenly Sword Honorer belongs to me. Do you have any opinions?"
Grandfather Tian Jian’s face changed suddenly. He had also heard of this ghost name. He was not much worse than a terrible madman.
He said slowly, "The left military adviser belongs to Daoyou, but the right military adviser belongs to me."
"You can’t get the right division."
Tongtian slowly tunnel
Heavenly sword father fist a grip.
What’s the point of the alliance if the leader can’t do it, even the sergeant can’t get it? qR1
Is all his hard work a wedding dress?
"I’m always coming out. I haven’t come out for so long. Do you really want me to sit in this position?"
Suddenly borne coldly say
Chapter nine hundred and twenty-four I have opinions.
Suddenly, an old sigh echoed all over the temple, and then an old man in a gray robe came down with a wide robe, gray hair and wrinkles on his face, as if he had gone through a long time, and his eyes had changed so much.
As soon as he appeared, he had to be exclaimed outside.
A lot of old antiques have their eyes shrunk. I can’t believe it. It’s even more shocking than when Tongtian appeared. I can’t believe it.
"People teach the old leader!"
"It’s the first generation leader, who has already sat down and he’s not dead!"
"These terrible things are really terrible. They should have died years ago, and now they have all jumped out."

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