If you see a rectangle with three and four numbers, what’s your first thought?
Some people may naturally answer "5"
Mathematicians will naturally answer "5"
But their reasons are definitely different.
It seems to ordinary people that 345 is normal, and there is no difference between the answer "5" and the answer "2" from the natural sequence.
But it seem to mathematicians that 345 is a strange and wonderful numb-because it is that simplest pythagorean number in mathematics and the first step for human to discover pythagorean theorem-3 square plus 4 squares equals 5 squares, and a rectangle is wide, 3 long and 4 diagonal lines must be 5!
This mysterious conclusion, which is called Pythagoras theorem in the west and Pythagorean theorem in the east, is exactly human mathematics, and it can be said that it is the first step of human mathematics
And the three pythagorean numbers of 345 are almost as magical as the emperor. Whether a set of pythagorean numbers is 51213 or better is 61, which is lacking in brilliance from beginning to end and more difficult to find and understand. There is no doubt that if the first set of pythagorean numbers is not so simple and dazzling, it can be delayed for another two years or two years.
The Pythagorean theorem also reflects the position of Mr. Zhong Ou, who is also a Greek giant, in A Few Origins. There is a giant on his shoulder called Pythagoras.
In the eyes of Cheng Jinzhou, the star warlock Tai is half a mathematical and physical hook. He is very light and connects the balance weight box to pick out two little guys marked with 5.
First, put a weight in the right tray to see that the iron buckle is still deadlocked, and then put the second weight in the left tray, two wires pop up in the bottom line rectangle.
One in diagonal position and one in rectangle.
At this time, Cheng Jinzhou didn’t know what was going on-the simple primary mechanical lock-and immediately stretched out two fingers to rudely abuse the diagonal wire.
Rub, press, twist, press, pull and play. I don’t know which step is the strong iron buckle, but it pops up.
Cheng Jinzhou grinned and looked around with contempt. There was no one there.
In the box is a pointed compass engraved with a degree ruler and a small nine-palace counting bead-a typical astrologer’s counting bag, which is used by most astrologers to calculate the numerical orientation and manipulate the tattooed star array.
No wonder Wu Zong let himself take it. This is really the most valuable thing in the room. It seems to have some special significance if complicated "locking ceremony" is added.
I don’t want to go out too early. Cheng Jinzhou took out the things in the adjustment bag one by one and put them in the middle of the long room and looked at them carefully.
Of the four things, the natural tray balance has the highest value.
Cheng Jinzhou thinks this may be the highest precision balance of the whole Daxia Dynasty.
Even if the modern laboratory standard normal pallet balance can have a precision of 1 gram, it is not surprising that 5 grams is less than 1 gram if it is often poorly maintained.
Cheng Jinzhou personally ravaged the bad balance in his previous life. I don’t know how many weights are not allowed or the swimming code is not smooth. Just throw them to the public laboratory and change hands and get another pair. Anyway, several sets of balance roots are nothing for the experimental classics.
However, there were two ways to get high-precision production under this condition in the Great Xia Dynasty-excellent craftsmen or astrologers with certain skills, both of which were not cheap.
The more backward the times, the more expensive it is to produce high-precision products.
In many cases, high-precision production is more valuable because of output reasons.
Whether doing experiments or producing chemicals on a small scale, it is indispensable to average daily. Even without the temptation of astrologers, Cheng Jinzhou hopes to get this set of gadgets.
The accuracy of the ruler compass is also very good. In the Xia Dynasty, a standard ruler with an error of less than 5% can sell 2 taels of silver, not only the compass balance is much more, not to mention the calculation of the beads in Jiugong, but it is far more complicated than the abacus.
I don’t know which astrologer gave me a strange gift.
Cheng Jinzhou can not but fantasize about the life of the astrologers.
In such a backward era, the life of astrologers may be the closest to the habits of modern people, but even Cheng Jiafu’s brother can hardly get the guidance of genuine astrologers.
And it’s just a matter of money to amuse yourself by pointing out that the star warlock is full of money
Seeing that I had had enough fun for more than an hour, Cheng Jinzhou just put the device back in the box and hugged it hard.
This small box may be able to change his family. His brother is different from Cheng Jinzhou. He thought to himself that even if he met Cheng’s brothers after school that day, they would just spend a lot of money to buy a star array.
Real astrologers make the star array more realistic by several orders of magnitude.
"It depends on whether you can attach a set of super bulls again." Cheng Jinzhou rubbed the box and walked away.
Outside the long house, the "charitable" father had been impatient for a long time, and the young Cheng Jinhao did not know how to hide and stared at Cheng Jinzhou and walked towards it.
In charity, Cheng Bingshi watched Cheng Jinzhou’s hand balance face half red and half white, and he was overworked. He tried his best to think about it, that is, this set of equipment, and watching Cheng Jinzhou take it away was the only way to do it after all.
Cheng Jinzhou’s eyes turned quickly and looked around.
At this moment, it is the first thing to meet a big star warlock with a legacy secret.
However, astrologers have not appeared for a long time.
Chapter 15 Cucumber
Cheng Jinzhou was half disappointed and half excited when he returned to his residence.
Compared with Cheng Mu, it is more exciting.
After the dinner party, Cheng’s mother swung her sleeve to find Cheng Jinzhou, full of laughs. "My son has won a lot of faces for her mother this time."
See cheng Jinzhou performance let her malicious out of the limelight in a group of ladies.
Cheng Jinzhou was a little listless, teasing Jiugong with his fingers. "Do you want some reward?"
"Here you are." Mother Cheng didn’t notice that she was in a small mood and threw him a small trick with a smile. "The old lady said that your gift was from Master Liu Kuang, so you should take good care of it and don’t be naughty. That’s what it is on weekdays."
But bet on his chance to pawn a green gift first.
"Know" Cheng Jinzhou’s tips are extremely heavy and scattered, unlike silver.
On the day of ancestor worship, things were heavy, and mother Cheng said two more words to turn around and do her own thing. Cheng Jinzhou was lazy and dumped the things in her kit into bed, and suddenly her eyes lit up.
Actually, they are all Chengcheng Huang melons.
Most of the wealthy families in the Great Xia Dynasty liked gold, and some of them gave handmaiden money to gamble with each other, and they all loved gold.
When it was made into a golden bean shape, it turned out that all kinds of disadvantages were found-it was very inconvenient to prepare a plate when gambling, and the rewarded person had to find it from the bottom of the table. Instead, it was made into a melon shape, which was large and easy to throw, and it was very cool. It quickly became popular in the aristocratic circle
It is the first time for Dr. Cheng Da to see a melon, and there is no melon in the case of a sick seedling when he is still young.
The melon in the kit is not like sunflower seeds, but looks like a big melon. Because it is handmade, every detail is different, but the balance is 2 grams, and the error is at least more than 2 grams
Goldsmiths are always good at handwork.

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