Emperor Hailong said faintly, "My mound mountain is in a barren sea, and I have to defend the French side to participate in the war."
The Dapeng Demon Emperor also got up and said, "It’s not wrong for me to guard the swaying mountain range, which borders on the east and the west."
Although these two have not decided to submit to God, they have chosen to stand by and show their attitude!
Two of the four peerless demon emperors withdrew from the East Wilderness, and the pressure increased sharply.
Among the remaining four ordinary demon emperors, the Xuan Snake Demon Emperor and the Real Cattle Demon Emperor each found a reason to avoid fighting.
"You …"
The idol demon emperor frowned and glared at the wild dragon emperor and Dapeng demon emperor.
He naturally see that these are just wild dragon emperor and others to make excuses.
There are only four of them left. If they can resist the pale army?
Kyubi no Youko Demon Emperor sighed and turned his eyes to look at the center and sat in Butterfly Moon Judo. "Sister Blood Butterfly, I’m afraid I really have to abandon the Taia Mountains now. Those creatures in Taia Mountains will even …"
Butterfly Moon was about to burst into a purple robe outside the entrance hall.
The man stepped into the hall and said lightly, "I’ll guard the Taia Mountains."
Wu Daozun arrives!
Butterfly month looked at Su Mo’s beautiful eyes with a extraordinary splendour and quickly gathered away.
In the hall, all the demon emperors also turned to look around.
Chapter two thousand nine hundred and forty-two
SIRS demon emperor eyes budo honour body patrol looked back and forth.
Wu Daozun wore a purple robe and put on the Moro mask again. Because the territory of Wu is perfect, there is no coercion and breath of the emperor. The demon emperor didn’t see anything.
A Terran?
The combination of all the tribes in the wild world is also one of the middle schools.
However, no one in Terran has been able to step into the emperor’s territory, and the strong have no feeling.
In the hall, Emperor Qingtian still comes from giants.
SIRS demon emperor and look at the butterfly in high places on some confusion.
Butterfly Moon looks as usual. It seems that the arrival of the purple Terran is not unexpected.
"Who are you?"
Dapeng demon emperor slightly squinting at budo statue asked 1.
"wild arms"
Wu Daozun looked around and nodded slightly. "I have seen you demon emperors."
Although the initiative to say hello, Wu Daozun’s tone was dull and he didn’t bow down to the demon emperor.
Wild dragon emperor, Dapeng demon emperor and others sneer at a face in my heart.
I don’t know where a Terran comes from, but even before the emperor’s territory, he talks nonsense and wants them to be equal.
Actually, it is polite for budo Zun to take the initiative to greet the demon emperor.
If it weren’t for thinking about sirs demon emperors following Butterfly Moon around for many years, he wouldn’t bother to take care of these demon emperors.
"Wild Wu has never heard of it."
Real talent demon emperor pie pie.
The Xuan snake demon emperor took a look at Wu Daozun and suddenly shouted, "I don’t know which famous people came here to talk nonsense. You have no right to talk. Go away!"
The gods like the demon emperor, Kyubi no Youko demon emperor, Bai Ze demon emperor and Qingtian emperor frowned slightly.
It’s not surprising that this man suddenly appeared and looked as usual.
This means that this person is mostly found by Butterfly Moon!
The four of them can see that the wild dragon emperor and the Xuan snake demon emperor can also guess.
However, the Xuan Snake Demon Emperor didn’t know that he was rude to this wild Wu Da because he wanted to give this person a Mawei!
The surface of Xuan snake demon emperor is aimed at the wild force, but it is not necessarily without the intention of testing the butterfly moon.
Butterfly moon hurts the body.
But no one knows how much damage is left.
Just a conversation, Huang Hailong Emperor and Dapeng Demon Emperor also had intention to this matter.
If the butterfly-moon serious injury method is determined to fight, I am afraid that the four emperors, namely, the Wild Dragon Emperor, the Dapeng Demon Emperor, the Xuan Snake Demon Emperor and the Real Cattle Demon Emperor, will make up their minds to leave the East Wilderness.
In the face of the Xuan snake demon emperor reprimanded angrily to budo and smiled.
There is a hint of eccentricity in the smile.
Wudaozun stamped his feet on the ground.
Boom one!
The whole hall shook!
Moment budo statue has come to the Xuan snake demon emperor near.
Before the Xuan snake demon emperor could react, Wu Daozun leaned out and covered the sky with his big hand and dug it into the skull with his five-finger capacity, which had already dragged him out of his seat!
An uproar!
It’s too fast!
No one expected that the Terran, who had just looked ordinary, would suddenly attack!
You know, sitting in this hall is dominated by the demon emperor who commands the three armies!
Is this equal status?

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