She looked at Luo Changfeng’s eyes and said
When Cher looked up at Luo Changfeng slightly, Luo Changfeng also looked down at Cher slightly.
His eyes fell on Cher, his eyelashes fell on Cher, his eyebrows fell on Cher’s cheeks fell on Cher’s pink lips.
He looked carefully, some trance, some gaffes, and Cher felt that the sight of eldest brother Changfeng made her cheeks slightly hot.
She lowered her head and murmured, "Brother Changfeng …"
"Can Cher ask you a question?"
"You said"
"Cher … Is it nice?"
Cher’s hands are intertwined in front of her, and her head is slightly lowered. Bei Tooth gently bites her red lip, and her clever eyes stare at Luo Changfeng’s waist and wears a bodhi heart.
She looked nervous, and she waited nervously for Luo Changfeng’s answer.
Her heart beat faster and she felt that her breathing was not smooth.
Waiting is always a long time, which is even longer than living in Bailoumen for more than ten years.
Cher low head thinking about how still no reply.
Then she felt a slightly wet and cool lip print on her forehead.
Her heart seemed to reach her throat.
Her hands are no longer intertwined, but tightly twisted skirts.
She seemed to be able to hear her heartbeat.
Although nervous to the point of French words, she is still very sweet and sweet.
"Don’t dance before so many people, ok? Even if it is to let Changfeng eldest brother heart can’t "Luo Changfeng moved his lips and looked down at Cher’s red face and said softly.
"Well, I dare not …" Cher nodded his head very cleverly and then carefully walked around Luo Changfeng’s belt with his hands clasped behind his back.
Her center of gravity tilted slightly, and her head clung to Luo Changfeng’s chest.
The snow cleared up sadly at this time, and it snowed again in less than two days.
However, this is already urgent.
Cher won’t feel cold.
In the snow, she quietly listened to Luo Changfeng’s heartbeat, where there was a temperature that made her linger.
It’s snowing again
Vendors and stalls in Pucheng have been nervously collecting stalls.
But good Li Xingyun didn’t stay too long this time. Anyone who sees a snack booth will spend a little silver to buy one or two.
Don’t ask him where the silver came from, just know that he is already penniless and still owes Jiang Manlou a debt.
Now his arms are warm with all kinds of food and snacks giving off hot air.
He has walked a street with these things in his arms. He is really tired.
Looking at Sugar-Coated Berry skipping all the way in front of him, he thought to himself that it was so right for Mr. Wang to say that only women are difficult to raise.

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