This time it was closer to Rogue.
Rogue stood up all over.
She decided to take out a discerning long knife and put it on her neck.
The head immediately fell off.
Rogue spoke the last sentence maliciously after hiding the mask.
"It’s called Qi Yan, isn’t it … I dare to kill you when I go back!"
A courtyard somewhere on the floating island
The white fox curled up in a ball and was taking a nap.
Suddenly it jumped up.
"Dead. Yes, he’s dead."
White fox murmured
"It’s strange that his strength …"
The white fox gently waved its tail.
Several snowy white tails dance.
The faint light spread from the tail and flashed across the world.
The white fox seems to have launched some tricks.
After a while.
White fox’s eyes narrowed into a thin arc, which looked like a smile.
"What a coincidence to go to the quarantine area."
"It’s better to be dead there."
"-it seems that this trial has finally become interesting."
It got up and walked around the yard.
The white tail behind the white fox is lifted.
a stick
Sixteen roots
A total of sixteen tails emerged from behind the white fox.
The two monks in Taixujing, the former high platform, never found that the white fox had so many tails.
If they knew about it, everything would be different.
A circle is formed behind the white fox with snow-white tail.
The circle gives off a faint white light and turns into a shimmering door.
A resentful male voice suddenly sounded in the light door.

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