They all know that their young masters have found Liu Yu and fought for the first world war, but they have come all the way to this bird-less place.
"Liu Yu? Half a month ago, I was chased by enemies all over the place. Was it that I was huddled in this place? "
The man sneered that the trident in his hand was taken from Qin’s hands. He had never seen the material, and it was unheard of.
But it seems that there are quite a few things like Liu Yu!
The killer in night clothes added, "Now that we know that this fellow is missing, shall we go immediately?"
"Now that we’ve found it, it’s time."
There was a sudden gust of evil wind in this world, and the sky was covered with dark clouds.
In addition to this small noodle restaurant, the town has been plunged into darkness, and even the usual street night stalls have disappeared tonight
"Dancer, you can play with them."
Liu Yu is ready to rush to this hateful shackles. Naturally, he is not in the mood to accompany them.
So he put the ghost tube in front and covered it.
The strength of the ghost king in this world is almost the same as that of the Yuan government. It is no problem to play with these people all night.
Wake up, your enemy has five seconds to reach the battlefield.
Liu Yu "physically attacked our super soldiers have been sent"
Three giant werewolves suddenly appeared in the center of the small noodle restaurant, each with a golden triangle camp.
The earth shook and the night suddenly filled with a violent atmosphere.
The mysterious people in the right way looked up and saw the wolf head on the other side of the hill, and the huge degree made people stop.
"Where are the ancient beasts?"
Threatening, a line of people stopped, and his feet were driving a magic weapon, but when he looked up, he saw three werewolves comparable to Giant Mountain Yue.
They are full of splendor, such as black gold, and stand tall in this world.
Before Liu Yu got the real treasure blood, he didn’t hoard it. The three werewolves lost half a bottle of flesh to strengthen it. Even he couldn’t break their flesh at will.
Suddenly, a trident fell from the sky, and the sharp spear pierced the air and landed a werewolf with a deadly force.
"Little Master, I can’t believe that it’s only been three short years, and his enemy posture has become so real."
"I’m afraid that no one among the peers of the Nine Emperors in Tiannan can compete?"
Chapter 632 Crushed saint at the bottom of the mountain
A trident was born as if the whole night had collapsed.
But no matter how strong this person is, after all, it is only the strong yuan government.
Pressing the same generation doesn’t mean that you are really enemies in the world.
The three werewolves’ eyes are ferocious, and the cold mountain sweeps like the sharp sword.
The wolf roaring waves rolled and rushed through layers of sound waves, and finally the trident was settled.
Night mystery man face zheng.
He knows that this weapon is powerful, and now he can’t get the effect in the face of this animal.
Li Zhen Bao’s blood quenching body, three werewolves, full-bodied wolf hair, all become stars-like, emitting faint stars, and being attacked, then fighting back.
The wolf’s size is bigger than that of a vigorous start, but it has rushed to the sky, and Zhang Heqi’s big claws have been torn and exploded again and again.
See the mysterious man hiding at the edge that day.
He stepped on the soles of his feet in a chariot and ran over the sky in golden color, giving off a muffled thunder.
When they met, they broke out in a terrible power, even though the giant wolf force hit them and they were repelled to the ground at the moment.
The mysterious man stands on the golden chariot and shows his enemy posture with a trident at night.
"That’s a golden chariot!"
The followers shouted and their eyes were full of incredible colors.
There are too few people who can see this mystery.
Now they have forced out Liu Yu, the little master, to display this recruit.
"How can a mere alien be so arrogant?"
Wang Bo snorted coldly.
He comes from a powerful family in Zhongzhou, and he is talented. He showed amazing talent when he was young.
But his stepping on the soles of his feet is a touching story, which can raise his own combat power to a higher level in a short time.
Three werewolves opened their eyes and suddenly sharp momentum soared.
These days, they have perfected the pre-flesh to a rather tough level through the real blood quenching body.
Liu Yu named them Wolf Warriors! !
At the same time, three Wolf Warriors’s attack claws thundered loudly, and the wolf’s hair flowed with mysterious light like dark gold casting.
As soon as Wang Bo’s Trident came out, he ran through the air and became domineering. He did not retreat and chose hard shake.
It didn’t take long for San Wolf Warriors to successfully surround his opponent. The scene was very shocking.
The noise of this battle has alarmed many strong people, who choose to hide the clouds quietly from the side to watch.
But when they found out that Brother Zhong was Wang Bo, they didn’t look slightly changed.
"Even the golden chariots of the royal family have been displayed. Are these three tall animals like mountains appearing?"
Someone surprised way
As we all know, there has never been such a monster even in the depths of the dark forest.
"The wangs genius? Unexpectedly, I ran here from Zhongzhou? " Some monks are thinking about other problems. According to the truth, places like Zhongzhou are not only narrow but also have little chance to meet.
The man thought for a while and then said in vain, "Is it to find Liu Yu, the forced government?"
Liu Yu’s status is awesome now. Not long ago, I heard that many people wanted to cut him down, and there were enemies everywhere.
Why do so many people want to fuck Liu Yu and don’t understand the curtain? It’s disgusting that all the people are Liu Yu. Wherever people go, it’s a chicken flying and a dog jumping, which angers everyone.
But in fact, there are not only experts who want to slay Liu Yuzhong, but I heard that the strong people at the peak of the Yuan government have been dispatched to secretly look for Liu Yu.
Can let several strong out just slay a Liu Yu?
The reason for this is definitely not simple, for fear of the truth, there is one thing, that is, there are heavy treasures in this body, otherwise it will not attract so many people to hunt down.
"Isn’t that forcing Liu Yu to do this?"
At this time, a strong man appeared riding a one-horned scale horse. This one-horned scale horse is a rare animal with extreme speed and it is very difficult to tame.
And this young man appeared to be driving a head? This guy’s background is not simple, is it
This young man feels very sharp, his eyes are flickering with thunder, and his momentum is like the avalanche. This must be a demigod!
"Holy shit!"
As soon as they guessed the identity of this person from this imposing manner, they were so scared that even the demigods came.

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