Sue should think slightly and omit the first one directly. If you don’t want to be a great god and take care of the day, Sue should naturally not worry.
However, it’s thousands of miles away from Shengzong, and I’m afraid he’ll be dead by the time he gets back to visit the baby.
"How to exchange the three spiritual fruits!" Sue should ask directly.
"The host’s current strength is exchanged"
"Then I choose the third! Life exchange! "
"Does the host really choose the third one?" Tong asked and explained, "The host currently has a life span of 1,600 years. It takes 6,600 years to exchange a glimmer of chaotic light. Is the host really going to exchange it?"
"exchange! Direct exchange! "
Su Ying did not want to choose to exchange directly.
He can say that everything is given by the baby. Without the baby, even if Sue should have a unified body, she would not have walked all the way to the present.
Besides, a mere 6,600 years can compare with the life of a baby at this time?
Not to mention 6.6 thousand years, even if Su Ying lives for a thousand years, he will not hesitate to exchange it!
"Life extraction begins, please wait patiently."
With the unification, Sue should immediately feel something slowly passing in her body.
Then out of the corner of his eye, he left his hair hanging down to his chest and slowly lost its former blackness.
Black falls off, then turns pale gray, and then only ten people who can’t breathe Su Ying’s black hair will turn white directly.
The white-haired teenager still regrets in his eyes!
"After the life is extracted and the pollution is removed, please wait patiently for the host."
Su Ying heard that the divine fetus once again stepped into the eyebrows of Gu Gu’s baby and saw a golden divine light sweeping through the vicious corrosive force of the nine incarnations and Gu Gu’s baby’s body, melting directly like ice and snow, and finally dissipating, and plumes of black gas emerged from the female demon’s head.
Sue should see the real joy in her heart and then start to move the fetus to the front of Gu Gu’s baby body.
The corrosive power has been completely eliminated, but Gu Zhubao Yuanshen is on the verge of disintegration and self-repair by her own strength.
What Su Ying should do at this time is to help her fetus to repair Gu Gu’s baby Yuan Shen.
Godsworn’s spirit is extremely fragile, even if God is injured, if people treat him, he will fall into a limited sleep and eventually his body will wither and die slowly.
Su Ying’s womb is a fairy spirit condensed and nourished by his body, which contains endless vitality.
At this time, before he came to Gu Gu’s baby fetus, he directly held Gu Gu’s baby body in his arms, and read a movement, which was mixed with vitality, and then poured into her yuan God.
At this moment, Sue should rely on her own divinity to repair Gu Gu Bao Yuan Shen.
Spirits meet, hearts blend, and Su Ying-shen’s fetal spirit still keeps coming to speed up her recovery.
A wonderful feeling arises spontaneously from Su Ying’s heart, and he can’t help but think of the palace bath, where the baby’s eyes are staring at the beautiful scene. "That is to say, double cultivation, right? I don’t know if she will remember. "
I don’t know how long it will take for Su Ying to return to her knowledge of the sea automatically when her fetus is dim, and Gu Gu’s baby Yuan Shen has slowly recovered and has the strength to repair herself.
Sue should look at the female demon’s closed eyes and sometimes tremble her eyelashes and smile at her mouth. She couldn’t help but feel tired and fell asleep directly.
Chapter 513 Wushan sex
The baby’s spirit finally began to recover. With the help of Su Yingqiang’s great god, she gradually woke up from her lethargy.
As soon as she woke up, Dantian and Zhihai stopped collapsing and her physical injuries didn’t get worse.
Su Ying should repair her spirit, and at the same time, by virtue of her self-cultivation, she will not collapse again by repairing her Dantian and Zhihai.
Although this is the overall situation, it plays an important role, so that Gu Chuan’s baby will have some mana when he wakes up, and then this source of mana will gradually develop into a powerful repair.
Out of the corner of her eye, she suddenly left a wisp of snow white and looked up to see that she was coming from the arms of a young boy, who was as white as snow at the moment.
He sat with his legs crossed and his eyes closed slightly, showing a trace of fatigue and vicissitudes of life.
"Sue should …"
A quiver in the baby’s heart, some can’t believe what I saw.
I must be in the juvenile hall in front of me if I can live, and seeing his white hair must be a taboo avatar.
Although she was in a coma just now, she could still feel the strange pleasure brought by the blending of her mind and soul subconsciously.
At this moment, the baby’s heart is complicated. She raises her slender white palm and gently caresses the teenager’s cheek.
Su Ying woke up at once. He opened his eyes slightly and looked at the baby in his arms with surprise. "You’re awake …"
The baby nodded slightly, and then the beautiful eyes glared at him with shame and anger. "How dare you kill me when I’m in a coma and I’m in a coma!"
Sue should pick her up. At this moment, although the baby is not worried about his life, he can still move when he is seriously injured.
"I don’t believe you must be reluctant."
"I will definitely!"
The female demon was picked up by her and walked towards the mountain. "I’ll cut you into ten pieces when my injury is cured!" "
"Don’t make trouble again and you’ll be in smack that."
Su Ying’s strength has recovered at this moment, and some of her strength has been restored. Her hands are light, and the succubus is still holding his neck and chattering "… cut your third leg …"
"Come on, you won’t get pregnant."
Su Ying smoothed her messy hair and casually said, "Don’t try to be brave when you are hurt so badly."

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