It will inevitably destroy some routes, but when those people find here, it is estimated that there will be nothing for them, but Gao He’s attention has been attracted by other discoveries, and most of them are practitioners. They are interested in people here to use weapons, except that they are interested in their research objects and achievements.
The most likely suspects who are interested in these people are the practitioners who kidnapped Xu Li. They can get the source of super energy spar from Xu Li’s mouth. It is normal for them to come here for investigation, and it is very likely that Xu Li is also among the warships.
Of course, these are Gao He’s guesses. Before seeing Xu Li, Gao He wasn’t sure that compared with Gao He, these are practitioners who are pursuing higher cultivation. Their military skills are almost impossible. It can be said that they simply don’t have the military skills they should have.
How many people are there in the weapons control room, how many people are in the bridge command room, and how many people are left in the cab and communication room, and the rest are scattered in lounges and halls.
Every one of them seems to be very loose, even the most basic regular confirmation, which is not very convenient for the defense means of the Ministry of Military Affairs.
Of course, the most targeted people are those who are scattered and alone. Although they are all good practitioners, they are only good. They are also called not good and relaxed. Those people have almost no defense against the attack of Gaohe Ningjin, and there is no possibility of giving an alarm.
Carefully hid the body of the third loner. When Gao He arrived, it should be the dining room. This person should be assigned to take care of the people inside. Gao He can feel that there are about twenty ordinary people who should be prisoners imprisoned by them.
These yogis don’t have a dining room at all. This facility is filled with ordinary people. In the dining room, they can solve the problem by themselves if they need it. It is a good place for ordinary people to have a special guard. They also choose a good place.
It’s very simple. Twist the big lock gently and make a gap for the crane to get in and out quickly.
The lights were on inside, and most people were sitting around the central dining table. The sudden flash of the crane did not attract their attention. Soon, people facing here saw the figure of the crane and got up in surprise.
All the horses got up and turned to this side. Among the twenty ordinary people, Gao He saw a familiar face.
Xu Li in the crowd also saw a row of people cheering on the high crane, but it was not as easy as her. First, the monitors in several restaurants were destroyed by reincarnation, and then she made a gesture of silence to face Xu Li.
Xu Like threw herself into Gao He’s arms regardless of whether it was in the eyes of the public, but she also saw the gesture of Gao He’s silence, trying hard to suppress that she didn’t make a sound and hugged Gao He tightly.
Others gaped at the lieutenant colonel officer who suddenly appeared and hugged the beautiful woman in their minds, forgetting that he was also a prisoner imprisoned by those people.
Chapter two hundred and sixty-six Key factors ()
"Did you come to see me specially?" Sometimes listening to Xu Li’s questions is nothing like her status as a senior technical expert. Maybe it is the common performance of women who fall in love!
"Yes!" Gao He didn’t deny that she was the root of his coming out this time. He also got an A2-level top secret and solved Andrew and Alpha, and brought great news to the general. He also had to bring some old professors here for experiments. All this was to get Xu Li back.
"I am kind!" Xu Li had no other words. When she heard Gao He’s affirmative answer, she was desperate no longer. Gao He kissed her face mercilessly and then buried her face in Gao He’s chest.
"Who are you?" These ordinary people are all dressed in military uniforms, and the most likely to be the crew of a warship is to judge their identity temporarily.
"We are the crew of this warship!" A soldier with the rank of major answered "our ship was hijacked by them" instead of everyone.
The crane is a word, and almost all the things are understood. This ship must be one of the joint parliamentary fleet. I don’t know how unlucky it was, but it was hijacked by those practitioners and came here directly. Those people finally got the super energy spar source from Xu Li’s mouth and then came here to try their luck.
They have been here for a few days, but they have not been tortured by him except for restricting their freedom. I don’t know if those people have been murdered or other reasons have left their lives in the current warship. They don’t know where they are.
"Stay here and wait for me!" Gao He has found Xu Li, who is no longer going to leave a hand for the people who treat warships.
However, Xu Li Gaohe still doesn’t trust to leave her here, just like holding Miss Rose to kill people. Gaohe still takes Xu Li with him this time. Of course, there is no place in Xu Li’s consciousness that is more secure than the arms of Gaohe.
As it is, restoring the restaurant door lock makes people unable to see any change for the time being. Gao He has found that those people have removed the weapons system one by one, and there is a safe way to control it. He is not worried about what threat these people pose to the scientific research ship. Gao He can rest assured and boldly attack.
In order to avoid these people jumping over the wall, it is necessary to solve the cab problem first if they find that the weapons are unified and then crash into the scientific research ship for mutual destruction.
Of course, the whole process is simpler than Gao He imagined. Those practitioners in the warship have learned of the intrusion because of the damage to the line and the failure of the restaurant camera when Gao He sneaked in. The stupid commander also divided several people to solve the problem here in the restaurant and was hit by Gao He.
The reincarnation raged and a man came to warn them. These people were wiped out and there were fewer and fewer people left.
Not far from the cockpit, Gaohe looks in the right direction, regardless of whether the shooting bullets have penetrated several layers of battleships’ walls and completely destroyed the entire cockpit.
There must be a problem in the control of weapons system, because Gao He felt that his main gun mouth left those condensed gold to absorb energy. As a lamb, Gao He simply pointed his gun at the weapon control room. The gun target is not necessarily killing people, but it is enough to be able to destroy equipment.
Gao He doesn’t believe that those practitioners can live as normal as Gao He, and the same is true. When Gao He destroyed the communication equipment, power equipment and weapons equipment, he manipulated his warship to the top of the restaurant.
Without blowing off dust, Gaohe built an entrance and exit for enough people at the top of the restaurant, and turned it into a closed passage to transport all twenty people to Gaohe warship.
His battleship triple doors at the moment Gao He saw that the warship capsule was ejected, and his heart moved, and the warship accelerated its solidification, and his hand quickly grabbed the capsule and hung it behind his warship.
The scientific research ship across the street has seen the Gaohe warship. It is estimated that it is cheering and being confronted by an armed warship. It is strange that Andrew didn’t send a frigate, but fortunately, if the two sides fight and the frigate wins, Xu Li may become a pile of garbage in the universe.
The return of Gao He ‘an and the sudden lifting of the threat of warships made all the three scientific research ships very worried. Several old professors didn’t care about Gao He. As soon as Gao He’s warships docked with the scientific research ship, they ran quickly. Two carefully took the cages containing experimental animals and quickly returned to the scientific research ship.
Gao He invited the crew of the original warship to enter the scientific research ship safely, although they were still a little nervous, but after one of them recognized Gao He, all the anxiety ceased. This can bring the Speaker Pavilion and Mr. President out of the semi-human capital unscathed, and it is not a piece of cake for heroes to protect them.
It’s very unkind to be caught by the crane, and it’s impossible for the crane to hang all the ships at a certain distance. Once there is any change among them, the crane will definitely be merciless and want to come to them. These guys who need aerospace to be too born will have no chance to hurt everyone again.
If we don’t control them or deal with the cause of death, Gaohe has another consideration. Now Gaohe can ensure that warships can enter and exit the black hole normally with the protection of coagulation gold. I’m not sure what will happen if the coagulation gold is removed. In addition, there is a way to ensure that ordinary warships can withstand the impact of entering and leaving the black hole. These excellent physique and advanced practitioners are the best experiments.
Gao He doesn’t have anything in his eyes to capture humanitarianism or other ideas. He has received targeted education since he entered the army. The army is not a charity or a humanitarian institution. When dealing with the enemy, it should eliminate the situation. It is also a good choice to keep the life of the master of Gankun Gate, not only reprimanded by the generals, but also to leave his own hidden dangers. Gao He won’t make the same mistake again. They will be eliminated when they come.
Of course, several old professors have no strange reaction to Gao He’s suggestion. They know who Gao He is facing. Xu Lixian will not object to Gao He’s decision. Gao He has a slightly scared look when he sees others surprised at him.
"Don’t worry, they are all’ volunteers’ and I won’t make fun of anyone’s life." Gao He emphasized that the volunteer vocabulary was soon imprisoned by those practitioners. The crew of the warship first thought of how they had been treated and agreed to Gao He’s practice, and then the scientific research ship. Others thought of the fact that they were threatened by warships not long ago, and there was nothing to say.
"All experiments belong to the military A4-level secret places, and someone must ensure that there is no leak!" Gao He’s request is very simple. The warship personnel all understand the importance of this project. It turned out that this project was arranged by Andrew, but now it is a joint parliamentary project.
Those animals that survived were very interesting to these experts. Of course, those who died were also their research objects. They were able to do more experiments at one time and get more conclusions. The biological samples carried by Gaohe this time contained some weak bodies. It has been proved that these specially selected weak white mice and middle-aged monkeys have fully demonstrated that it is necessary to be strong to enter the black hole.
Then the experiment was more difficult, and Gaohe was ready. When the ox and the horse were ready, the battleship pulled the other end of the almost-guaranteed warship and solidified the capsule holding the yogi, and at the same time wrapped it and entered the black hole again.
This experiment is to prove whether all warship-level "devices" can freely shuttle between the two sides of the wormhole. Of course, the result is obvious. Without the help of Gaohe Ningjin, the scrapped warship has almost not entered the black hole, and it has become an extremely compressed ball. After entering the black hole, there is nothing left.
The rescue capsule is relatively complete, but the people inside are not so lucky. Even if it is as strong as a crane, it will lie down for four months when it experiences a black hole for the first time. This is still a condensed gold force to protect those practitioners. It is not as strong as a crane and it is not as abnormal as a condensed gold magic weapon. It has already turned into a pile of compressed dead bodies.
However, the material of the capsule has undergone gratifying changes, similar to the change of the high crane battleship, so that there are two places where experiments can be carried out at the same time. This time, several living biological warships were put in the capsule again, but the capsule did not have a high crane and went back and forth again.
Unfortunately, it seems that without the solidified gold package, even the capsule made of the same material can shield some mass fields, but it is not enough to shield such a massive black hole. All the creatures in the capsule died because of the rapid change of huge mass.
As a result, when people came out, they looked at Gao He as if they were staring at a pile of peerless treasures, and they felt that the key factor in entering the wormhole was Gao He.
Chapter two hundred and sixty-seven Arrow string ()

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