"So that’s it. Thank you for your kindness!"
"Let me say one more thing, it’s a pity that you don’t become a reporter."
"Ha ha, Lord Lujiu, you are a reporter when you laugh!"
"Why don’t we do the propaganda department by Huo Ying? How’s it going? Our promoter is just short of someone. What’s your name? "
"My name is Shinsuke Kondo. You can call me Kondo or Shinsuke."
"how about it? Are you interested? "
"Thank you for your kindness. I have a bunch of brothers at my hand. They are all hanging out with me. I can’t let them go without food, can I?"
"Ha ha, this is a good thing to say. How about going back to the dark department to register and going through the investigation of the dark department? Can this answer satisfy you? "
"Then thank you for your kindness!"
Gang Shou is very pleased that this deer has dug up the corner for a long time, and it will definitely be very comfortable after himself.
As a group of parents and students left Konoha’s new ninja assessment system, Konoha blew a powerful whirlwind of public opinion.
All the villagers are discussing this matter now, while some families can’t sit still. According to the requirements of the meeting, carefully compare them to see which stage they can sign up for the assessment, while some owners who have become accustomed to arrogance have cursed this new assessment system, making them grovel to those inferior civilians. They all felt a great deal of anger and prepared to entangle a bunch of people to go to Huo Ying to make trouble.
As a result, many people just ran to the door of the family gate and were stopped by their parents, heads of families and so on.
"What do you say you have? I think this new assessment system is quite good, which can just change your character. Do you think the Uchihiro clan is strong? Compared with us? "
"Of course it’s very strong. I’ve never won against Uchihiro Mania. Their family is also very strong."
"That their family now? It’s been destroyed! Do you know what was destroyed? Isn’t it because Uchihiro has always looked down on civilians and even some ninjas are not regarded by them, but now? Those who used to be very arrogant went to the grave! You want to go to the grave, don’t drag the family down! You are not a member of this family when you leave this door! " This householder is still very sensible.
When the second master thinks about his family, others are afraid of me. If I leave the family, who will be afraid of me? Besides, where can I get silver flowers outside my family? The thought of this II Lord went back to his room.
In this way, many families in Konoha are playing at the same time. Why did a disobedient second master break his leg on the spot by the main character of the family? The main character said that even if you are out of this door, you are no longer a member of this family, but do those people believe it? If you don’t let the family disappear, you can still be wronged to stay at home and recuperate!
The householder decisively let all the householders who know the situation secretly give him a thumbs-up sign.
The villagers are not discussing that some people are not worried about being bullied by ninjas. If they are really bullied, they can go to the Naruto office to complain. Once verified, the other party will be taken away by the dark department. Although they don’t know what department the dark department is, they have avenged themselves, right? Besides, you can ask someone for help. Who can you ask? I told you, you can ask Huo Ying to do it. Huo Ying will definitely help yourself, won’t you?
Some villagers are discussing the issue of voluntary labor. Some villagers think that it would be much more convenient to build bridges with the help of ninjas. After all, ninjas can walk on the surface of the water. When building large-scale fortifications, if ninjas also help, the construction speed will be greatly accelerated, and ninjas can also protect civilians themselves, so that they can be safe and earn a lot of money to support their families.
What really brings about the change is that there are more ninjas in the training ground. What are these people doing here? Show is to cultivate vitality.
The former ninja almost didn’t have to be able to endure magic to graduate, but now the ninja has been included in the assessment criteria. These ninjas who used to have very poor body skills have all reported this to the Naruto Office, but the Naruto Office replied that your poor body skills mean that you are weak in physical strength, which means that you are easily chased by the enemy. Once you are clean in chakra, then you will be a corpse, and you will be a traitor to the village. Do you call it that?
All ninjas who come to the Naruto Office to make trouble have nothing to say. These people have to accept the Naruto Office’s statement. Besides, this kind of body strengthening is indeed a way to enhance their own strength. People have gone to the training ground to exercise their body skills.
And there are still some human body techniques, such as Ninjutsu or illusion, which are not bad. What they lack is the attribute. chakra made the development institute exercise its own attribute early in the morning. On the one hand, it strengthened its own attribute, and on the other hand, it was holding on to what if it could produce a powerful Ninjutsu.
The last one is the ninja who believes that nothing is bad. These ninjas are now entangled in the Naruto Office. What are they doing here?
"We want to inquire about the voluntary labor now? When does it start? We are still waiting to take the ninja assessment! "
"I’m really sorry? Just now, the meeting said that this is the thing. Recently, there are very few large-scale fortifications in the village. At present, there are no large-scale fortifications to attend, but what did the adult Huo Ying say about the righteous labor? That’s the villagers. That’s what the volunteer worker wants. If the ninja really wants to be a volunteer worker, then go to the village to help the civilians. Every time he helps, he will record it and submit it to the dark department. Once the situation is verified, he will immediately participate in the assessment, so as to prevent the ninja from threatening and coercing the villagers. At the same time, he will be sent to the dark department.
It’s said that the underground department is very short of manpower at present, which is the kind of work manpower. If you want to take part in the new assessment, then go to the villagers and do something you can. Be careful not to make all means aimed at the villagers, including Ninjutsu illusion. Of course, you will bear the damage caused in the implementation process. Don’t forget that it is to do good deeds, not to let you do damage!
Finally, Lord Naruto also gave you a word. You don’t have him except illusion and endurance? "
Deer have been here for a long time since the meeting in Huoying Office.
"Lord Huo Ying, your idea is to let them help those villagers physically?"
"Still deer pill essence! However, it is not only the physical reality, but also the control of chakra and chakra. "
"How do you say?"
"Have you ever eaten my brother’s cooking? How’s it going? Is it delicious? "
"Shu Mao’s adult cooking is definitely a must for Konoha!"
"But you know what? When my brother cooked these meals, he not only gained the control of chakra and chakra, but sometimes he also knew how to endure. Do you know what I wanted to do when I saw him make the ape fire? "
"Surely you want to scold him?"
"Yes, I wanted to scold him at that time, but do you know what the rabbit cub said? He said that chakra grows after consuming a person’s chakra, so that if chakra is consumed at ordinary times, chakra will grow. This growth may be insignificant, but when a certain amount is insignificant, is it still insignificant chakra?
After the consumption of chakra, there has been a relatively violent growth. This period of forbearance is often encountered, but it has been difficult for me to meet it since I endured it. However, it is undeniable that my brother’s statement is indeed true that we really need this growth, which affects one’s strength.
On the other hand, chakra’s rate of control over chakra and chakra will be greatly increased on a regular basis. These things can be cultivated without a battlefield. The battlefield can help us come back alive and ensure that in this way, do you think it is really simple to do good?
Finally, we can judge who is worth cultivating and who is not worth cultivating by doing good deeds. That is, this person has a true attitude towards the village and loves Konoha. How can a big family make a fuss about some trivial things?
What do you say? Lujiu? "
"The lesson of Lord Huo Ying is that this is a good thing to kill three birds with one stone. Lord Shu Mao is really amazing!" This is Lu Jiu’s heartfelt words. Lu Jiu doesn’t know how many times he praised Shu Mao, but every time he wants to praise him, he still praises him from his heart.
Chapter seventy-four Password Event-Rubble Monologue
Shu Mao is now sitting in the dark room with a piece of paper and a pen on the table, but he hasn’t written a word.
What does Xianshumao think? Shu Mao wanted to get the news from Qianmian people yesterday, 1757492. Although he already knew the meaning of 492, it was the second floor of Building 9 in Block 4, where the two former brothers lived. Because there is such a residence on the second floor, it must mean that house.

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