I have to admit that the moth blood Ji’s breasts are really good, and they are symmetrical, straight and plump, which is also a human chest device.
But Xiao Fan is not the kind of kid who has never seen the world before. He glanced at it and set his eyes on the plump tattoo!
Double butterflies fly and print!
Murphy …
Xiao Fan’s heart moved, but she heard the moth’s blood grinning. "Xiao Fan, you just saw these butterflies flying, didn’t you?"
"What about that?" Xiao Fan felt a sense of foreboding.
"That proves that you have been poisoned!" Moth blood ji corners of the mouth a pick a way "this tattoo is the nu house finally killer brought together the nu house department repair come Xiao Fan nu house sink together into the erotic world! Charming poison silk! "
"Hey!" From that tattoo, a general mist mixed with star powder rushes out, followed by a number of slender black silk threads covering the sky to wrap Xiao Fan instantly!
"Hum, this means …" Xiao Fangang was about to apply force to break free from this filament when suddenly the whole figure was dragged into the fog by filament pulling method.
Followed by the moth’s blood, Ji’s body was dragged in by this fog, and two people’s bodies disappeared at the same time, leaving a cloud of rolling fog!
"Xiao Fan!" All the noble people looked at him and couldn’t help exclaiming.
"Although I don’t know what happened to Xiao Fan, now he is strong enough for us to imagine. Compared with him, the strength of the moth blood is different from that of the world. Don’t worry that he will treat Xiao Fan like this!" Qiu Mao waved his hand and said with a heavy look, "And although Xiao Fan and the moth blood Ji have both entered the fog, Xiao Fan’s breath has not weakened at all. Now we can’t wait if we are anxious!"
"Well, it’s true. I hope Xiao Fan doesn’t have any accidents. It’s not good to eat anything even if Xiao Fan is strong enough not to be defeated!" From the dust sighed, he is at his wit’s end now, and it is a miracle that he is still alive.
Xiao Fan felt flushed in the strange fog, and a primitive impulse was expanding.
"This is the moth blood kyi last resort? Is the aphrodisiac poisonous? " Xiao Fan hurriedly powerful fairy yuan force to suppress toxicity can seem to be less than!
"Damn what is this poison? So overbearing? " Xiao Fan was secretly shocked in his heart, but when he appeared in the blood, he felt a burning desire!
"Don’t waste your energy. This enchanting poison silk is made by the Yin Yuan force of the Ministry of Nujia. There is no power to stop it. Soon you will be sucked dry by the Nujia, but rest assured that the Nujia can’t take your life!" The moth blood Ji also bit her red lip opposite the flush Xiao Fan and said
"oh? Suck up my yang yuan? " Xiao Fan couldn’t help picking at the corner of his mouth when he heard this. "Let’s try it. Although you are a broken flower, I don’t mind returning it!"
Said Xiao Fan tore up his robe to reveal his naked and strong body and suddenly pounced on the moth blood Ji.
"Hum, I don’t know how to live or die, but you’re the first person to let the slave family do this kind of forced trick. Don’t worry … the slave family will make you enjoy it!" The moth blood licked her lips and raised my hand to gently pull her waist belt.
Black tights slowly slide down.
However, Xiao Fan didn’t wait for the black tights to slide down automatically, but the black tights were torn and crushed with his front hands to expose the plump, mature, perfect and attractive carcass of the moth blood!
Xiao Fan also took pity on the suppression of the body, which suppressed the desire. He abruptly divided the moth’s blood, and her long, narrow, straight thighs drove straight ahead!
"ah!" The moth blood Ji didn’t expect Xiao Fan to be so active and so violent that I let out a scream.
Soon, her brow wrinkled tightly, her face was full of painful expressions, her hands clutched Xiao Fan’s shoulders tightly, and her long legs also rolled Xiao Fan’s waist.
A wisp of bright red blood is slowly flowing from the root of white thigh.
"Uh … what? You still … "Xiao Fan looked at one leng suddenly awake a lot.
"Why? Can’t I still be a virgin? " The moth blood Ji Xu was hurt by Xiao Fan’s rudeness, and her eyes turned glittering and translucent and bit her silver teeth and said
Xiao Fan is a little confused.

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