Ling Aner sighed faintly. She knew that her brother’s stubborn character would never give up his dream easily.
"How about this? I don’t think you two Baiyang have any relatives. There are just two thugs missing around me. Why don’t you follow me? "
Su Yu sent an invitation with a smile. "Although it is not necessarily a peerless master to follow me, it is not difficult to become a fighter."
Looking at the East Building, the guests were shocked and gasped when they heard this. Everyone was shocked and envious.
This Ling Yu is really lucky!
Noble people help him and accept servants around him to help him realize his dream!
This Su Yugong is mysterious and powerful, and he is also a master of burning the gods. Just give me some advice, which is enough to cultivate Ling Yupei into a strong soul!
How many ordinary people can’t be the lowest fighters in a generation!
Ling’s brother and sister are much better than Su Gong’s street performers!
Ling’s brother and sister, it’s like turning over and flying branches to be a phoenix!
Everyone is envious of looking at Ling’s brother and sister. Many people are very worried. "Su Gong, I also want to be your servant! I eat less and cook more. Please accept me! "
We also want to be accepted as servants by Su Gong!
Everyone is jealous of the luck of the Ling brothers and sisters.
Even Lingba’s eyes are subtle, revealing a touch of envy and jealousy.
This Ling Yu life is really good!
I can’t believe I hugged the thigh of Prince Su!
Chapter 2 An Er is willing to serve my Lord all his life.
It is said that the position of the servants of the seven officials in front of the prime minister’s door is not low for barons and nobles!
Not to mention being a follower of Prince Su’s house!
This is simply the core figure of Su Wangfu!
Telling the truth, Lingba himself wants to join Su Yumen now!
If Su Yu consider accepting him.
After all, the temptation to follow Su Yu is too great! There are too many benefits!
Lingba sighed slightly.
While Su Yu smiled at Ling’s brother and sister.
Ling Yu’s little character suits Su Yu’s appetite and is suitable for cultivating confidants.
Su Yu smiled warmly, but her heart secretly calculated.
His situation is quite similar to Ling Yu’s, and he is also trying his best to seize all resources and time to strengthen himself and smash the shackles of fate and environment!
Ling Yu was stunned. Su Yu invited his eyes to shine, but Ling Yu’s expression was still hesitant. "I have owed you so much, but I dare not let the public work hard to cultivate Ling Yu!"
"Public kindness, Ling Yu, remember that if you succeed in the future, Ling Yu will definitely repay you!"
Ling Yu’s expression is firm and he has been saved twice. He already owes a great favor. He doesn’t want to take advantage of Su Yu any more.
This sentence again!
Su Yu picked his eyebrows and couldn’t see this little character. This is not generally stubborn!
The money for training a fighter is a huge sum for Ling Yu, but it is just a meal for Su Yu.
But this Lingyu is unwilling to continue to owe Su Yu more.
This smelly little character is really stubborn!
At this time, Ling’s servants came running in the distance and hurried into Wangdong Building with two thin pieces of paper in their hands.
Ling Ba shine at the moment and hurriedly took the household servant’s toilet paper and respectfully handed it to Su Yu, saying, "Gongye, this is the deed of sale between Ling Yu and Ling Aner’s brother and sister. Ling Jiabao can give you these two deeds of sale."
It is obvious that Su Yu is very interested in Ling Yu’s brother and sister. Ling Ba’s gift should be timely.
If you are interested in people, I will never touch them!
Sending the deed of sale is the best certificate!
Ling Ba smiled confidently at the corner of his mouth. He believed that Su Yu would accept his gift.
Ling Yu’s brother and sister looked at the two indentures and bowed their heads and said nothing
Ling Yu’s fist is clenched so hard that it is the biggest shame for a proud teenager to be suspicious.
"hmm? Can’t you see that your Ling family is really enough? Everyone needs to sell themselves to you. Ling family? Maybe they are not your blood? "
Su Yu picked his eyebrows and took the indenture. Gherardini looked at Ling Ba with some faint sarcasm.
Ling bully corners of the mouth smile a frozen hurriedly panic explained "Gongye this indenture is temporary! Because of Ling Aner and Ling Yu’s family difficulties, Lingfu often subsidizes their own work and adds that they had to borrow money to bury their father’s house before signing the twenty-year indenture! I don’t want to see Ling Yu’s brother and sister running around tired so that their dead father can be buried early! "
Speaking of this, the sound of Ling Ba suddenly became smaller. Su Yu whispered in his ear and said, "Grandpa, you can rest assured that Ling Yu’s two brothers and sisters have a hard life, but they are both pure and clean. My Ling family has never got their hands on these two brothers and sisters!"
Lingba’s words are full of profound meaning. He said that he was a brother and sister of Lingjia. What he really meant was to tell Su Yu that Linganer was still a fish, so that Su Yu could rest assured of his income.

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