It’s really exciting!
Time goes by inadvertently, and Emperor Gou Chen has been hooking Chen Xing silently, looking forward to the day of enlightenment.
For millions of years
Enough has happened.
The most famous is the abdication of Emperor Yao of Ren Huang, which is located in Emperor Shun of Ren Huang 2.
that’s it
Terran ushered in the fifth and last emperor.
Not long after the handover of Terran Gaoli, the high celestial power also changed.
This day, there has been no movement for millions of years. Emperor Xuanqing suddenly walked out of heaven and went to the invivo of Yinxing.
Emperor Xuanqing lifted up his eyes and everyone didn’t know it.
They saw that three days after Emperor Xuanqing went to invivo, invivo suddenly burst into a bright light, which shocked the whole universe.
Then came the marginal thunder, which covered the whole sky like Wang Yang.
The thunder roared endlessly.
After three years.
Just now, the sky disappeared slowly
It’s also this day
The Antarctic emperor reappeared in the wilderness and went out of invivo to the heaven. The name of the Antarctic immortal emperor was in charge of the universe.
This also marks that the heaven changed hands and belonged to the era of Emperor Xuanqing, and now the vast wilderness has ushered in the era of Emperor Antarctic.
Like a thunder
The news that Xuanqing retired to the South Pole came from an amazing speed and great magical power.
Soon, almost all the great magicians were awakened by the news and looked at heaven in disbelief.
They doubt that the Antarctic emperor will suddenly appear and get their hands on the handle of heaven, but they can’t stop it.
Because Ren Huang and Xuanqing are different, the Antarctic emperor is the heaven and earth, and there are not many emperors who have been hiding from the world. He is the Lord of heaven and earth.
It is more appropriate for him to take charge of heaven, which is heaven and recognition.
Usually, if the heaven changes hands and the new emperor ascended the throne, everyone must witness it before he can complete the last step and gain the recognition of heaven and earth.
But the Antarctic emperor doesn’t need it!
Because he is recognized by heaven and earth and needs to be recognized by others?
A group of great magical powers have the ability to prevent Ren Huang from becoming the Emperor of Heaven, but they have no ability to prevent the four emperors from becoming the Emperor of Heaven.
Outsiders become heavenly emperors. That’s called promotion!
And the four emperors became heavenly emperors, which is called fulfilling their duties.
If an outsider dares to stop it, it is that going against the sky will inevitably lead to wrath and a miserable scene.
Therefore, with the great magical powers of the Antarctic emperor who have lost the ability to master the heaven, it is up to them if the Emperor chooses to be the four emperors.
Finally, it can be closed properly!
Boom Boom Bang …

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