"You mean … a complete set of’ perfect Terran gene map’ is probably hidden in the water of life?" Yun Nie surprised way
"Exactly!" The old man and others nodded in unison.
"It’s like having a standard answer. Life roots don’t need to judge whether genes are good or bad, just copy them!
It will make the living aquatic creatures slowly and orderly transform into this perfect template!
Perfection is relative, for example, orangutans evolve more perfectly than monkeys, while humans evolve more perfectly than orangutans.
At present, the water of life shows strong efficacy. Judging from this hidden perfect gene map, it is definitely the late stage of human evolution, if not the end point of human evolution!
That’s probably another level of life! "
Hmm … Yun Nie’s eyes were thoughtful.
Even the principle of water for life can be analyzed in my own side, but the mysterious text can hide a huge genetic map … The high-tech content in it is scary!
This contrast with the "Cartdillo technology" just published by the old people, although it also belongs to transgenic technology, it can’t be put on the table after it is finished!
Then the question is, who made such a scary thing?
Is the water of life a mysterious gift or a hidden conspiracy …
"jaw! Don’t you think you should come out and say something? "
The product has been detected to contain "unknown additives" and may even be accompanied by its manufacturer. Do you have to explain?
Seems to be also shocked by the news, silent for a long time before the immortal slowly mouth.
"my original consciousness was born in the process of wandering in the universe, and making water for life is my innate talent.
If your research results are true, then maybe … I’m not born naturally, and maybe … "
Immortal mood at this time is also quite complicated.
It is a super species born and bred in the universe, absorbing the essence of the sun and the moon, and is similar to a natural stone monkey, so it has always thought highly of itself.
But now others tell him that you were secretly tattooed with the words "I’m here to visit" when you hit the soles of your feet from the womb.
Suddenly the whole tree felt bad …
Yun Nie carefully felt that the spiritual fluctuation of the immortal was a deep resentment. Yes!
So … Are you also a victim …
With the growth of spiritual strength, Yun Nie’s emotional judgment of others is becoming more and more accurate, which even he himself feels quite amazing.
"It is really unlikely that one species will keep these memories. Is the clue broken here?"
"no! Not broken yet! " In the old flatly way
"Although we don’t know who is hiding this pair of genetic maps in the immortal body, it is certain that the other party’s’ pan-human literary circle’ must be inextricably linked!
The two share a highly similar common ground … "
Yun Nie’s eyes twitched. "You mean … teach us to be human?"
Everyone "…"
"Ahem! You can also say that.
This mysterious article gives me the feeling that it’s like … it’s like they want a Terran to be born here and then set a’ perfect Terran’ towards them through the water of life to evolve and develop. "
"You mean that the other party first cast a wide net to create a’ pan-human literary circle’, and then the lucky ones will inevitably compete with each other to purify the blood and finally evolve a’ perfect’ Terran after discovering the secret of life water?"
"yes! This is the biggest possibility! " The old nodded his head.
"Well … it sounds like raising a method" Yun Nie frowned.
"But the other party what to do? Is it with goodwill or malice? "
If there is a "perfect genetic map" hidden in the water of life, it is definitely a valuable treasure for Terran, which can save the time of evolution.
But also, if this is a "genetic invasion" of mysterious advanced literature, will there be something done in it, such as a "back door" inserted in a gene fragment?
You should know that the core of the third sequence completion plan designed by the earth people is life water. If it goes wrong …
Think carefully and be afraid!
"It is unlikely that we will recognize each other with malice!" Yu Lao shook his head. "After all, with such a level of science and technology, they can easily mass-produce a large number of’ perfect terrans’
There is no need to go to so much trouble whether it is the experimental body or the harvest vassal race root.
The purpose of raising a method is to eliminate the weak and select the strongest, but people already have the strongest method of worm roots. There is no need to raise a method to choose the same method king. "
Yun Nie wanted to think, analyzed various possibilities, and initially approved Yu Lao’s judgment.
"all right! Mystery and’ Terran Origin Guess’ are top secrets for the time being. Now I just want to ask a question, this water of life … Do we still want it? "
"Of course!" There are scientists with different opinions in the place.
"Boss, this is likely to be the treasure left by Gao Wen. How can you go back to Baoshan?
Now that such a big benefit is in front of us, we can’t give up eating because of choking! "Zhou dong excited way
"But … after all, it’s a mysterious text that gives us a genetic map. Are we really human after this evolution?" Yun Nie hesitate to look at all.
I’m fine. I’m not anymore anyway, but have you passed your heart?
"Boss, you are wrong! Evolution towards a higher life level is the physical pursuit of all living things!

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